OREANDA-NEWS. Dmitry Kiselev, a journalist and host of the Russia 1 TV channel, speculated about the difficulty of communicating with people like US President Joe Biden. Kiselev wrote on his Telegram channel about the difficulties that Russian leader Vladimir Putin may face in a dialogue with Biden.

According to the journalist, people like the President of the United States "are not responsible for their words, which cause general awkwardness" - this is the main difficulty of talking with them. "He clearly wants to speak brightly and tries to sound energetic, but there is a feeling of some kind of chronic confusion," the journalist wrote about Biden and called him a "difficult passenger."

Kiselev added that he does not envy Putin, who is to meet with the American leader. He also stressed that he considers the behavior of the Russian president "as sincere as possible", and his statements - "clear and precise."

"Contrast!" - concluded the TV presenter. In support of his words, Kiselev attached a video in which Biden stumbled several times while talking with reporters.

It is reminded that on June 16, Biden and Putin will meet at the Villa La Grange in Geneva, Switzerland. Putin's trip to Geneva will mark the first foreign visit of a Russian president since January 2020.