OREANDA-NEWS  Russians admitted to actively monitoring news feeds: more than 75 percent of respondents regularly read news on the Internet. This became known thanks to a study conducted by analysts of the Rambler & Co portal, the results of which are available to Moslenta.

"The majority (77 percent) of Russians surveyed visit online media sites every day, and only 23 percent have days when they do not open media. Of those who always read the news, 26 percent do it once or twice a day, 19 percent - in the morning, at lunch and in the evening, 19 percent have websites open all the time, and 13 percent monitor the headlines every hour," the study says.

42 percent of respondents read news on a smartphone, 36 percent follow events from a home computer or laptop, 18 percent use desktop devices and four percent of respondents monitor news from a tablet.

More than half of Internet users did not notice a difference in the frequency of reading news in 2022, compared with the previous year. But 38 percent are sure that they began to visit media sites much more often. And only six percent, on the contrary, noted a decrease in activity.

Respondents were almost equally divided according to their preferences in information sources. A third (33 percent) consume news through aggregators, 33 percent value personal attitude to a particular media, 34 percent — brand reputation (and 18 percent of them take into account the biographies and fame of journalists, and 16 percent the history of the publication).

In 2022, Russians most often read political news — this is the most popular topic, according to 64 percent of survey participants. One in ten noted that they were interested in economics, business and finance, six percent chose the topic "News of their city" and the same number — "Incidents". Three percent of respondents noted that they preferred the "Sports" and "Travel" sections, and entertainment and lifestyle destinations scored a total of eight percent.