OREANDA-NEWS. American social network Parler partially restored with the help of Russians. The web address of the platform, that is popular among supporters of Trump, now owned by the company Ddos-Guard. The social network partially restored work on the morning of Tuesday, January 19.

Internet expert Ronald Gilmett told Reuters, that Parler's Internet addresses now belong to a firm, run by two Russians. According to the agency, in the past, DDoS-Guard collaborated with racist sites and provided support to sites of the Russian government. As Gilmett explained, company on it's website gives an address in Scotland with the name Cognitive Cloud LP. But in fact DDoS-Guard belongs to two Russians from Rostov-on-Don: Evgeny Marchenko and Dmitry Sabitov. One of these Russians recently said in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian that he is not aware of all the content that is distributed through his company.

Amazon, Google and Apple blocked Parler, citing the fact that this social network, in their opinion, does not take proper measures to protect against dangerous content.