OREANDA-NEWS. Readers of the Guancha newspaper commented on the situation with Chinese investors who are suing Ukraine over the Motor Sich aircraft engine manufacturing enterprise.

Last week, Beijing Skyrizon Aviation Industry Investment filed a lawsuit against Kiev in the international court in The Hague and demanded $ 4.5 billion due to the state's unfair treatment of Chinese investors and the use of illegal sanctions.

"Let's see if the Americans pay for their dog this time," wrote the Garrison's Golden Badge.

"This Ukrainian government is really not capable of anything. We are waiting for Russia to come and turn Ukraine into a Russian land," the user of Poems and Pictures by Dunsu expressed hope.

"Business is business, it should be so. Since they want politicization, let them get it," said another commentator.

"Too optimistic. Ukraine will not compensate for the investments of Chinese companies. It has repeatedly ignored the demands of investors," Mu Feng complained.

"Does this mean that we still believe that there is a law, and that this law is fair? Doesn't The Hague support the United States, which is covering Ukraine?" - asked Big Brother.

The company for the development, production and repair of aircraft and gas turbine engines Motor Sich was on the verge of bankruptcy until it was excluded from the list of strategic objects. This allowed Chinese investors to enter into an agreement to acquire the company. However, after September 2019, Kiev refused to fulfill the agreement on the sale of the plant, which is why the deal was declared invalid. Later, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy imposed sanctions on enterprises funded by China. In addition, the Kiev authorities announced that they are going to renationalize Motor Sich - this will prevent investors from Beijing from buying the company.