OREANDA-NEWS Russian IT specialists are returning to the country because of unfair treatment abroad. Yuri Maksimov, co-founder of Positive Technologies and the Cyberus Foundation for Effective cybersecurity, called this reason in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The expert said that in most of the world, Russian people are now "not very well covered," which is why many engineers are now returning to Russia from Western countries. He also stressed that the image of domestic cybersecurity specialists in the United States does not matter, the main thing is "for our cybersecurity to work."

In friendly countries, the attitude towards Russian employees is different, since there, first of all, the results of their work are evaluated. Maximov said that this is noticeable when Russian companies enter these markets — local businesses are showing interest in them. "Russian engineers and businessmen are very strong. Many countries feel this, and this is reflected in their willingness to build cooperation with us," he added.

Earlier it became known that from January to May 2024, the average salaries offered to IT specialists in Russia increased. According to the data hh.ru Since the beginning of the year, the official salaries of IT specialists have increased to 131.2 thousand rubles (plus 18 percent). At the same time, vacancies in the industry increased by 19 percent in five months, to 235.3 thousand.