OREANDA-NEWS  The West's attempts to isolate Russia after the start of the special operation only strengthened its ties with China, writes Foreign Policy.

The increasingly close relations between Beijing and Moscow have been forming for several decades. Both countries have made a clear strategic choice in favor of the priority of bilateral relations," the publication says.

Since the beginning of the special operation, when new sanctions packages were introduced against Russia, China has become one of its main trading partners, the author recalled. During a visit to Moscow in March 2023, Chinese President Xi Jinping called deepening ties between the countries a strategic choice made by Beijing, he added.
In addition, China considers Russia's concern about NATO expansion to be well-founded, writes FP. Both neighbors perceive the threat from the West, led by the United States, as a common one. Thus, states use BRICS and SCO, which are not Western organizations, to increase their authority among developing countries, the article says.