OREANDA-NEWS. The United States deployed B-1 bombers at Orland Air Force Base in Norway to signal to Russia. 19fortyfive wrote about it.

The article says: "The message for Moscow was very clear: the US military can undertake operations in the strategically important Arctic region."

It is written there is a possibility these planes have already finished their task in Norway and came back home. Despite this, the US Air Force verified its plans to get a foothold in the area when they sent B-52 Stratofortress bombers to this country for international military exercises with Norwegian F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters. The bombers of the same kind, B-52s, were deployed in the other parts of Europe as well as in the Indo-Pacific region, the author notes.

"The speed, breadth and readiness of our strategic bombers are essential to our capability to deter potential adversaries and signal our unwavering support for our allies and partners," said Admiral Charles Richard.

Moscow in recent years has noted the growing activity of NATO aviation near the country's borders. Russian fighters often take to the skies to intercept and escort alliance warplanes. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu clarified that NATO conducts not only reconnaissance flights, but also drills with simulated air strikes on Russian territory. He stressed that Moscow has no choice but to be strong and combat-ready. Shoigu assured that the military department is taking all the necessary measures for this.