OREANDA-NEWS  The Moldovan opposition bloc Pobeda announced that on July 7 it will again organize a peoples' friendship festival in different cities of Moldova, which will feature dishes of the national cuisine of the EAEU countries.

The Peoples' Friendship Festival under the patronage of the Pobeda bloc was held on May 18 in three cities of Moldova - Balti, Orhei and Taraclia, and in the Gagauz Autonomy. Artists from Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan performed at it. The holiday program included contests, sweepstakes, a lottery, as well as tasting of national dishes of the peoples of the CIS countries.

"On the seventh of July, the Pobeda block once again invites everyone to the Peoples' Friendship Festival. It will be dedicated to the traditional family - it is our support and support, our roots… The guests will be greeted by the national cuisines of the EAEU countries: Russian pancakes, Belarusian pancakes, Armenian shish kebab, Kyrgyz pilaf and Kazakh sweets. As well as contests, sweepstakes, gifts and prizes. All treats and entertainment are absolutely free," reads a message posted on the Telegram channel of the political bloc.

The celebrations will unfold in the central squares of the southern Moldovan cities of Vulcanesti and Taraclia, as well as Orheeva and Balti, located in the center and north of the republic.
On April 21, a congress of Moldovan politicians and public figures supporting Moldova's accession to the EAEU and cooperation with Russia was held in Moscow, where they announced the creation of the Victory bloc. In particular, the structure united the parties "Shor", "Chance", "Victoria", "Renaissance", "The Power of Alternatives and Agreements of Moldova". Ilan Shor became chairman of the executive committee of the new block.

Since 2022, Moldova has been ignoring the meetings of the CIS and the EAEU, in which it received observer status. The current authorities of the country have expressed a clear intention to reorient the export market to the West.