OREANDA-NEWS Moscow scientists have developed Russia's first phantom - a product that mimics organs, tissues and parts of the human body - for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the fetus, Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor of the capital for Social Development, told reporters.

"Today in Moscow, such an informative research method as MRI for diagnosing fetal malformations is not used as often as it could be ... Moscow scientists have developed a fetal phantom that allows you to customize and refine scanning technology during diagnosis. This will improve the quality of the images obtained and make this type of research even more accurate and, as a result, more widespread," Rakova said.

The press service noted that the test object was developed by researchers at the Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine of the Moscow Department of Health. The phantom can be used to train doctors and X-ray technicians, evaluate and verify equipment performance standards in daily clinical practice, and develop new scanning protocols.