OREANDA-NEWS. TMK, one of the world’s leading producers of tubular products for the oil and gas industry, has shipped the first batch of drill pipe with TMK UP EXD second-gen double-shoulder premium tool joint connections. The pipe batch was shipped to Samotlorneftepromkhim.

TMK UP EXD tool joint connection offers a number of benefits over the first-gen double-shoulder connections. In particular, the updated design of tool joints has provided for improved drilling hydraulics, TMK UP EXD tool joints are capable of withstanding higher torque loads as compared with TMK UP TDS joints (ca. 20% improvement in performance). The modified profile of the thread crest provides for improved performance versus the standard design, in particular, significantly reducing thread galling on the faces of the pin and the coupling when assembling or disassembling drill strings. Another benefit of TMK UP EXD connection is reduction in assembly times, enabling time and cost savings in well drilling operations.

TMK UP EXD tool joint connection was developed by TMK-Premium Service as part of TMK’s import substitution programme and in terms of performance is in no way inferior to similar products by leading global manufacturers.