OREANDA-NEWS. "Tokmak Press-Forging Plant", KrAZ group company and long-term strategic partner of Kremenchug Automobile Plant, systematically expands its range of products. In the first quarter of this year the company mastered the production technology for aluminum and titanium alloy die forgings, it allows for expansion into new market, maintaining output capacity and profit earning.

Traditionally, "TPFP" produces a wide range of forgings, the amount of forgings manufactured for Kremenchug Automobile Plant exceeds 66 percent of the total sales. These are gears, flanges, shafts, hubs, cross pieces, connecting rods, forks levers, etc. Moreover, the company manufactures products for railway car building and agricultural machinery industries, mining industry, etc.  

Decline in Ukrainian economy and machinery building industry lead to considerable decrease in demand for steel forgings. That was key factor for launch of production of aluminum and titanium alloy die forgings. New products are more complicated in terms of process and composition. Use of new extremely strong alloys will result in increase in service life, strength and applicability of forgings. Currently "TPFP" works out production of over 20 aluminum and titanium alloy die forgings. All of them are in high demand in the market of Ukraine that adopted import substitution strategy in the alternative to more expensive imported products.

Upgrade of separate essential and auxiliary machinery units was needed at "TPFP" to introduce manufacturing techniques for production of new products.   Except intensive upgrade works, new die tooling was made and new heating, forming and control techniques for non-steel forgings quite new for the company have been introduced. This works resulted in approval of aluminum and titanium die forgings of PJSC "TPFP" by customers. The company's products are popular not only with automotive companies but also with other industries. In doing so, Ukrainian manufacturer could make a name in quite new markets and expand into their new segments.