OREANDA-NEWS. January 11, 2008. From January 1, 2008 N.W.Telecom offers a “New Home” communication services package to its individual subscribers all over the North-West Federal District. The package comprises connection to the local telephone communication service and simultaneous Avangard high-speed access to the Internet. Everyone using this offer will be granted a discount of 28% to 40%* of the total price of connection to both services if purchased not in the package but separately.

The “New Home” package is intended both for future subscribers who have purchased an apartment in new projects and wish to install a telephone and get connected to the Internet in their new apartment (no-telephone home) and for customers who have moved to an apartment with a telephone installed by its previous owners (telephoned home).

Connection of the two services in a package will enable a user to cut his/her communication expenses not only once, at the moment of connection, but also monthly, when the services are used continuously – because a special “Telephone + High-speed Internet” package offer saving 50 to 260 rubles per month* is applicable to any N.W.Telecom users who select the “no-limit” tariff plan for local communication service payment and the Avangard service.