OREANDA-NEWS. January 11, 2011. Professor of the University of Turku, Doctor of Psychology Soili Keskinen with his wife paid a visit to TSEBA. During the meeting with the dean of TSEBA, Prof. Ullas Ehrlich, they discussed the development trends of the two universities and weighed the collaboration possibilities that might be of interest for both.

Prof. Soili Keskinen also visited the Department of Business Administration at TSEBA, where he met with his long-term cooperation partner and PhD student Assoc. Prof. Anu Leppiman.  Anu Leppiman is a marketing lector at TSEBA and she defended her doctoral thesis in June at the University of Lapland and in September at Tallinn University. More than fifteen years of cooperation in various international research projects have brought new ideas and initiatives for carrying out joint projects.

Soili Keskinen, professor of Educational Sciences, is a vice-dean for the Faculty of Education at the University of Turku, Director of the Teacher Training Department and associate professor for Work and Organisation Psychology.