OREANDA-NEWS. January 13, 2011. Nordea’s currency changeover has proceeded according to the plans and the first clearing in EUR has been executed. Nordea card payments have been functioning practically without interruptions over the weekend; all Nordea ATMs dispensed EEKs until 23:30 on the last day of the year and started dispensing euros already from 00:05 on January 1. Payments can be made through branch offices, internet bank and phone bank.

„We have succeeded! Both the state and the banks have done their jobs very well,“ the head of Nordea Estonia Vahur Kraft said, adding that Nordea launched its euro preparations already in 2009. About 300 people have participated in the preparations and 100 people greeted the New Year at their work post.

According to Kraft, the task of providing Estonians with functioning card payments and access to all ATMs over the holidays, in EEK until the last hours of 2010 and in EUR from midnight on, was a demanding one for Nordea.

„I take my hat off to our euro team,“ said Kraft who himself got his first euros at 00:07 from the ATM at the bank’s Ravala street office. „Through our customer support hotline that was available 24/7 over the weekend, customers of both our bank and other banks have thanked Nordea for the super achievement of keeping ATMs and cards functioning practically throughout the changeover period.“

Over the weekend, customers could receive up-to-date information from the bank’s euro team through the webpage as well as phone support. Information was also offered at branch offices that stayed open for the weekend across Estonia.

„The first days of the year at Nordea’s offices were calm. The end-of-year customer support team did not encounter any rush either. Customers were well informed through our advance notifications and felt assured about the process“ Kraft added.

A member of a leading European finance group, Nordea is the only universal bank in the Estonian market with the highest AA credit rating, offering services to both private and corporate customers. Nordea brand covers all major banking products: loans, bank cards, savings and investment products (including leasing and pensions), everyday banking transactions. Nordea is creating new opportunities for its clients, so they can manage their finances with the help of personal counselling, helping both private and corporate customers to make good financial decisions.