OREANDA-NEWS. January 17, 2011. Russian government has approved the Decree "On State Policy of Russian Federation in relation to healthy nutrition until 2020. As a result of the drafted work plan the production of popular types of bread products enriched with vitamins and minerals is expected to increase up to 40-50%. Presently the percentage of such products in the total volume of consumed bread is only 10%.

Protein and vitamin rich flour "Zhitnitsa is an indispensable raw material for the production of healthy and affordable bread products." Modern production technologies allow Zhitnitsa to preserve maximum content of vitamin, macro-and micronutrients contained in wheat grain. Zhitnitsa is characterized by rich content of essential elements, easy adjustment to technology and accessibility.

Over the last decade obesity related problems, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases have become more prominent among working population of the country. Experts attribute these problems to the poor dietary habits described by lack of vitamins, minerals and fiber, and excessive consumption of sugar, refined products and other instigators of dangerous diseases.

Bakery and confectionery products made from protein and vitamin rich flour Zhitnitsa represent an indispensable element of a healthy, balanced and affordable diet. From the first order of this flour PAVA offers its partners the production standards for bread, cakes and cookies free of charge.

Introduction of Zhitnitsa into production is an efficient measure for the prevention of diseases caused by unbalanced and poor diet. We have presented this flour at fairs and expositions. Bread, biscuits and gingerbread made from Zhitnitsa are always swept away in a matter of minutes, - recounts PAVAs Director for Quality Natalia Ermakova.