OREANDA-NEWS. January 20, 2011. UFC Capital released daily market view:

Fitch is confident in united Europe. International rating agency Fitch Ratings has assigned a rating of AAA to bonds guaranteed by the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) issuance program of for €27 bln. According to the agency, all bonds to be issued as part of this program are likely to have the same rating. Recall that 16 EU states agreed to establish the EFSF in order to assist Eurozone states which are experiencing financial hardships. The volume of the stabilization fund is €750 bln, including €60 bln of European Commission loans, €440 bln of EU members’ warranties, and €250 bln of IMF funds. The EFSF may place bonds with volumes up to €440 bln in order to direct the attracted funds to European countries facing financial difficulties.

Equity market.  On January 19, the Ukrainian Exchange Index showed differently directed trends. After news surfaced on the USA housing market, stating that housing starts shrank  4.3% MoM, the indicator began to drop at an accelerated pace. Overall, the index lost 0.48% to 2633.90 points. The trading volume on the spot market amounted to 253.7 mln hryvnia and on the futures market decreased to 52.0 mln hryvnia.

Shares of Centrenergo (CEEN; HOLD) grew by 2.47%, while the amount of transactions totaled 1180 at a volume of 48.3 mln hryvnia. At the same time Ukrsotsbank (USCB; SELL) stock fell 3.25%, after significant growth on Tuesday, with 904 transactions which totaled to 34.4 mln hryvnia.

On Wednesday, Pokrovskoe Mine (SHCHZ; SELL) was the growth leader in the order-driven market of the Ukrainian Exchange with share value increasing 7.84%. In our opinion, this jump in the price of Pokrovskoe Mine stock has removed the potential for further high growh.

The drop in price Azovstal (AZST; SELL) and Alchevsk Iron and Steel (ALMK; SELL) stock had the largest impact on the dymamic of the UX Echange in the second half of the day, after shares dropped 1.54% and 3.25% in yesterday’s session.