OREANDA-NEWS. January 26, 2011. CenterTelecom OJSC has introduced Domolink MOBI, a new mobile Internet service, to its Moscow region's customers. Over 600 Domolink MOBI service packages were sold by the company within the first ten days of the service's launch. In the near future this new service will be introduced to the customers of CenterTelecom's branches in Voronezh, Vladimir, Tver and Ryazan regions.

Domolink MOBI provides Internet connection with 3.1Mbps speed in EVDO regime; that speed is comparable with a speed of Internet connection using dedicated line. A customer may get connected to Internet by means of USB modem.

The project is implemented on basis of Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) principle using Sky Link's infrastructure (Sky Link's network is used for access to last mile). CenterTelecom is the first Svyazinvest's inter-regional company which received MVNO license and launched MVNO project.

The project's implementation includes few stages. In 2010 CenterTelecom's organizational structure was changed in line with the company's wireless access programs; CenterTelecom also solved financing issued for these programs. In the second half of 2010 all technical issues were solved (the company formed a tunnel for traffic transfer through CenterTelecom's channels, built a billing system and developed Domolink MOBI service). In 2011 the company intends to get DEF numbering and to launch SDP platform. It will allow CenterTelecom to begin providing Domolink MOBI voice and convergent services.

Vaagn Martirosyan, General Director, CenterTelecom, pointed out: "At first instance Domolink MOBI was developed for provision of wireless services to our customers. This product significantly expands opportunities for Domolink subscribers providing them a mobile access to traditional online services in addition to wired Internet access."