OREANDA-NEWS. January 27, 2011. DTEK has joined Declaration on Responsible Business Partnership initiated by the Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility Development with the support of the Embassy of Norway in Ukraine, thus becoming the first industrial company in Ukraine to support the initiative.

The Declaration signed by seventeen leading national and international companies focuses on promoting fundamental CSR principles to suppliers and partners of signatory companies as well as on implementing ethical buying principles. In the longer term it means a transition to a new type of relationship between suppliers and buyers where social and environmental factors play a significant role along, with price and quality of goods.

Programme participants will promote transparent and fair business principles, protect human rights including labour relations and ensure compliance with the environmental protection and health and safety standards in their operations with suppliers and partners.

While signing the Declaration, DTEK's Director for External Affairs, Aleksandr Tolkach, noted: "By joining the Declaration on Responsible Business Partnership DTEK takes another step toward the system of entirely transparent and open relations with our partners. In addition, we believe that improving transparency and responsibility between big, medium-sized and small businesses is a necessary condition for developing entrepreneurship in Ukraine and improving the country's business climate. In turn, this will create more jobs and help to improve efficiency of most production cycles through outsourcing projects."