OREANDA-NEWS. November 29, 2013. On fields of APK Titan was completed one of the best harvests of grains in companys history.
Average productivity of grains reached 18,2 centners per hectare, which exceeds average index in Omsk region.

After results of harvesting campaign was milled approximately 100 kt of grains, which conforms to gross harvest of grain in such districts as Gorkovsky or Kormilovsky.

Productivity in SP Tsvetochnoye (Russko-Polyansky district), SP Bogdanovskoye (Novovarshavsky district), SP Solovetskoye (Nizhneomsky district) and SP Siberia (Isilkulsky district) exceeded 21 centners per hectare.

The enterprises are by 3-8% ahead of the plan on procurement of hay and haylage, almost twice on procurement of silage. Besides, foundation stock was prepared for laying of batch of seeds for sowing in 2014.

Altogether the harvesting campaign mobilized 52 grain harvesters. The best results were shown by combiners of SP Novotsarytsino (Moskalensky district) Nurbek Galiyev and Maxut Khanafin, who harvested 3620 and 3460 tonnes, accordingly.

Let us mention, that Titan agrarians proceeded to massive harvesting of grains in early September, nowadays 55 kt of grains has already been dispatched to elevators.