OREANDA-NEWS. December 02, 2013. Petr Sinyutin, Director General of Moscow United Electric Grid Company, accompanied by the heads of the specialized areas, went on a business trip to the electric grid facilities of JSC “MOESK”, located in the territory of New Moscow.

The main purpose of the trip - an objective assessment of readiness of power facilities and personnel of the Troitsky and Moscow electric Grid Districts (EGDs) for operation within the structure of a new branch of the company (http://www.moesk.ru/press/company_news/item132557.php) on condition that quality and reliable power supply of the capital residents is ensured.

Special attention is given to the prospects of development of the existing supply centers subject to the availability of capacity reserve for connection of new consumers. The service area of the branch created in MOESK - “New Moscow” – includes 22 substations of 35-220 kV with total capacity of about 1,430 MVA, more than 2,320 km of overhead power lines of 0.4-6-10 and 35-220 kV in voltage, more than 1,140 cable grids, and 686 transformer and distribution stations with a total capacity of 257.5 MVA.

Taking into account the high demand for the service of grid connection to the grids of MOESK, the issue of creation of Customer Service Center on the basis of the Troitsky and Moscow EGDs was also considered in the course of the visit. Client offices are planned to be opened for visitors before the end of the current year.

The head of MOESK Petr Sinyutin noted that the employees of the created branch face a number of tasks relating to, inter alia, improvement of the quality and reliability of power supply. The priorities include development of a fundamentally new power supply scheme under the standards of the capital city.

Formation of the branch of MOESK “New Moscow” with the appointed director Yury Strebkov will be completed by the beginning of the next year.