OREANDA-NEWS. Top managers and executives of Parallel's key areas have gained a Master of Business Administration degree after successful completion of study at Kyiv Mohyla Business School under corporate programme Academy of strategic leadership.

The corporate programme developed by KMBS faculty was tailored to meet the needs of the management of Parallel and included such practical training courses as business functional architecture, successful management in the changing environment and efficient personal development. In the short term, the participants are going to implement innovative business ideas and projects developed in the course of training to help the company to make one more qualitative breakthrough.

The CEO of Parallel Yelena Khiliyenko noted: “I see training as the foundation for dynamic growth and development of our company as it can attain the goals efficiently only if it has professional staff with leadership skills. The programme was devised on the basis of our strategic goals and objectives and with a focus on specific nature of our business. The key result is changing the state of mind and rethinking the approaches to arrangement of business processes and the readiness to work in an absolutely new business environment. Our goals are even more ambitious now and we are confident that we will be able to achieve them.”

Parallel-M Ltd is a chain consisting of 117 filling stations today, with 36 being company's jobbers operating under TM Parallel on contractual terms (20 of Donbassnefteprodukt and 16 of Neftepromtorg retailers). Parallel also operates under TM Gefest in Zaporozhye Oblast and Crimea (2 filling stations) and PitStop in Donetsk (1 station). Another 12 filling stations of Donbassnefteprodukt (8) and Neftepromtorg (4) sell the fuel of Parallel across their networks.

Parallel-branded stations work in Donetsk, Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye Oblasts.

In 2012 Parallel joined Ukrainian Car Importers and Dealers Association to implement Worldwide Fuel Charter principles in Ukraine.

The share capital of Parallel-M LTD is controlled by Parallel Nafta LTD, a subsidiary of the SCM Group. SCM is fully owned by businessman Rinat Akhmetov.