OREANDA-NEWS.  December 03, 2013. Siauliu bankas starts the works of account transfer from the information system of Ukio bankas to the information system of Siauliu bankas. The balances of the accounts of the former Ukio bankas' natural clients that have the mortgage or other credits shall be transferred during this stage.

The balances of the accounts of the former Ukio bankas' legal entities that have the credits or credit lines shall be transferred during the next stage commencing on 6 December 2013.

Regarding the particular works of transfer of  bank account balances the clients will be informed individually through the e-banking system "Eta bankas" or via e-mail.  If the former Ukio bankas' clients that have the credits  do not receive the notification through "Eta bankas" or e-mail, we kindly ask them to arrive to the nearest or the most convenient outlet of Siauliu bankas where they will be provided with all required information regarding further fulfillment of the liabilities in compliance with the credit agreements.  

Siauliu bankas sincerely apologizes for any possible inconveniences and in case of any questions, kindly invites to contact us by phone 8 700 55055, 8 800 10007, and  +370 37 395 532 when calling from abroad or to visit any outlet of the bank now and to find out the topical issues in advance.