OREANDA-NEWS. December 04, 2013. Ural vehicles are involved in reconstruction of a military base and an airport on New Siberian Islands in Arctic Ocean.

There are several 6x6 Ural-4320 vehicles in the project. A group of combat and hydrographic ships of Northern fleet headed by the atomic guided weapon cruiser “Peter the Great” with Ural trucks went to New Siberian Islands in the beginning of September 2013. On the 12 of September the group stopped at Stakhanovite Harbor near the western coast of Kotelny island in Laptev Sea.

Climate at Kotelny island is arctic and severe: There is snow 10 months a year, average annual temperature - -18°C, in the coldest month (February) temperature can achieve -49.9°C.  For such severe climate conditions Ural vehicles were chosen because of their reliability and high off-road capabilities in heavy snow.

Ural vehicles regularly perform wide variety of tasks in Russian and international projects in heavy off-road and natural hazard conditions. In spring of 2005 six vehicles were involved in elimination of consequences of natural hazards in Indo-China: Miass trucks carried over a thousand tons of products and medicaments and took part in clearing heaps. In the beginning of September 2005 eight Ural trucks were sent to New Orleans (the USA) for elimination of consequences of Catherine Tornado.

 In 2005 Urals eliminated consequences of tropical storm Sten and hurricane Vilma on Mexican coast, in 2013 they were involved in elimination of consequences of tropical storms Ingrid and Manuel. With Urals help it was possible to cross water barriers, transport injureds and evacuate transport. In 2012 AWD two-axle Ural-43206 was sent to scientific base Artigas of Uruguay in Antarctica where it has been used for exploring the continent. In Aug-Sep 2013 Ural vehicles were involved in helping people in areas of natural hazard in the Amur Rriver region.