OREANDA-NEWS. December 04, 2013. UkrSibbank BNP Paribas Group has been recognized as one of the top 5 Ukrainian companies by the Project Management Ranking 2013 among 219 leading companies of Ukraine. The competition was organized by the Management Technologies Spider Ukraine Co. with the support of the Project Management Institute (USA) in Ukraine and the BTB TV channel.
The definition of the best company in terms of project management is based on an assessment of a company’s project management system maturity in keeping with international project management standards (PMI and ISO standards). The assessment was conducted with the aid of questionnaires completed by participating companies in September-October 2013. The ranking process consisted of two parts: calculated indicators and a survey. The study involved 219 leading Ukrainian companies, and 10 finalists were awarded at the international Project Management Forum on 21–22 November 2013.
A corporate project management system was introduced in UkrSibbank in 2006. Over the last 3 years UkrSibbank has implemented an average of 40–50 projects every year. Today the bank’s portfolio contains 82 projects, 48 of which have already been implemented successfully in 2013.
“Despite the fact that, compared to other leading companies, UkrSibbank invests considerably less in the automation of project management processes, we are one of the top five companies in Ukraine in the sphere of project management,” said Alla Yarmolenko, Head of the Central Project Management Office and Corporate Affairs. “The Corporate Project Management System has been in place in UkrSibbank for seven years, and over time it has evolved from very simple processes to a mature system of project and portfolio management. We have become convinced that the project approach affords the possibility to use the bank’s resources in the most efficient way possible. Right now we are part of the trend of project management development in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world, in which the main goal of project implementation is to achieve maximum results that have a positive impact on the activity of the organization. In other words, a successful project in UkrSibbank is not just a project that is completed on time within budget and to specifications but also a project that has achieved its financial indicators, as stated in the business case. We are very pleased to receive this award and to be recognized as one of the best companies in Ukraine in terms of project management maturity. But there is still room for improvement and development. This has already been defined and we are already working toward this goal.”
Project Management Ranking is the only rating of its kind in Ukraine, traditionally acknowledging the most efficient and innovative companies in the market.