OREANDA-NEWS. December 05, 2013. Sergey Pyatenko, general director of FBK Economic and Law School, and Askold Birin, FBK Partner, a member of the “5-100-2020” Project advisory committee, took part in the workshop on the implementation of the Ministry of Education and Science’s program to improve the competitive strength of the leading universities in Russia.

They spoke about one of the most important components of the process – the international financial reporting standards as applied by the higher schools.

Askold Birin spoke about the international standards for financial reporting in the public sector and the specifics of their adoption.

Sergey Pyatenko, for his part, dwelt on the issues related to organization of training for the University financial services in the process of introducing the IFRS. According to him, it would be reasonable to get consultants-practitioners involved in this process. “The implementation of the international standards is inevitable like the rise of the sun. That is why the practice-orientated training is the way to realize the slogan “Learn, learn and learn the IFRS properly,” said Sergey Pyatenko.

Reports at the workshop were also presented by the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the leading experts in the field.