OREANDA-NEWS. December 05, 2013. The document, initialed at the "Eastern partnership" summit in Vilnius, has 972 pages and is posted on the website of the Moldovan government.

The Association agreement EU-Moldova establishes a new legal foundation for cooperation with European Union, which brings interaction of our country with the EU on a new stage of political association and economic integration, reflecting the strategic importance of the Moldovan-EU relations.

Recognizing the European aspirations of Moldova, the Association Agreement will become the country's reform program, implementation of which will contribute to achieving its European integration goal. The Association Agreement underlines the respect for shared values and principles, particularly, democracy and the rule of law, respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms, securing a functioning market economy and sustainable development.

The preamble of the document outlines the goals of the agreement and its philosophy. Seven chapters of the agreement relate to the common principles of political cooperation and policy on security and foreign affairs, justice freedom, sectoral and economic cooperation, trade as well as issues connected with deep and comprehensive free trade, financial cooperation, including provision of anti-fraud, etc. Applications establish the EU legislation, which should be adopted before a certain date, and also contain 4 protocols.