OREANDA-NEWS. Belarus decreased the output of vodka, hard liquor, fermented beverages (fruit wines, mixed drinks with alcohol content) year on year in January-October 2013, while the output of brandy, cognac, sparkling wine and grape wine was on the rise, an official with Belarus' National Statistics Committee (Belstat) told.

Belarus' vodka and hard liquor output decreased 9.7% on the year in January-October 2013 to 11.23 million decaliters; fermented beverages - down 6.4% to 9.944 million dal.

In the period, cognac output amounted to 234,000 dal, up 0.9%. “Cognac” is a name used to denote a type of brandy in the former Soviet Union. The output of grape wines grew 7.1% year on year in January-October 2013 to 2.342 million dal, sparkling wines - 1.456 million dal, up 8.8%.

Inventories of vodka and other liquors grew 9.5% on the month to 2.188 million decaliters as of October 1, 2013, 213.3% of the average monthly output. Stock reserves of cognac stood at 41,000 decaliters (down 6.8%), 175.2% of the average monthly output; sparking wines - up 31.3% to 235,000 dal (161.4% of the average monthly output), grape wines - up 2.7% to 307,000 (131.1%), fermented drinks - up 3.6% to 347,000 dal, 34.9% of the average monthly output.

Belarus' sales of alcohol beverages and beer totalled Br19.1 trillion (USD 2.054 million) in Jan-Oct 2013, which accounts for 11.5% of the total retail turnover.