OREANDA-NEWS. December 06, 2013. Ilya Nefedov, Expert of Energy Consulting, has told about specifics of ERP implementation for manufacturing companies at the “Industrial Automation 2013” Conference.

The fourth inter-branch Conference "Industrial Automation 2013", held on November 26, 2013 in Moscow, has joined together managers and leading professionals of oil & gas and power industries, metallurgical and machine-building plants, IT vendors and advisers from consulting companies.

The participants discussed crucial issues focused on industrial automation, cutting-edge approaches to designing ERP systems for technological process management. They have got information on novelties in the area of automatic checkout devices and functionalities of ERP for industrial automation.

Ilya Nefedov, Expert of the Business Directorate for Sage ERP X3 Projects, the Energy Consulting Group, has told in his speech about specifics of ERP implementation for manufacturing companies. He scrutinized some crucial challenges a project team may dealing with, and the ways for their solving.

"More and more manufacturing companies nowadays are choosing ERP to optimize the capacity utilization and to reduce costs for the purchase and storage of inventory. However, the practice of ERP implementation is still far from perfect - Ilya Nefedov says. - Proper creation of the interaction mechanism between project participants, their proper choice, as well as an understanding of the work and objectives of the working scheme is one of the key success factors of such implementation."