OREANDA-NEWS. December 10, 2013. This is stated in ANRCETI report on the dynamics of electronic communications markets in July-September 2013.

The document was developed by ANRCETI based on the quarterly statistical reports of the existing operators at five electronic communications markets (mobile telephony, mobile Internet, fixed telephony, fixed Internet and data transmission, broadcasting and retransmission of audiovisual programs).

According to ANRCETI, a slight decline of revenues at electronic communications market in III quarter of 2013 was due to the decrease in sales of fixed telephony services by 18.7% (74.3 million lei) - by 322 million lei, as well as lower sales of mobile Internet - 1.7% (970 thousand lei) – up to 57.6 million lei. At the same time, in the third quarter of this year, the highest sales growth was registered at the market of data transmission and fixed Internet access.

Sales volume grew by 20.4% (41.1 million lei) and amounted to 243,2 million lei. Sales at the market of broadcasting and retransmission of audiovisual programs increased by 13.6% (10.4 million lei)- up to 86.9 million lei, while sales of mobile telephony services grew by 1.4% (12.9 million lei) and reached 958,9 million lei. ANRCETI report shows that in the third quarter of 2012, the highest monthly average revenue per user (ARPU) - 150.1 lei - was registered at the market of services of fixed Internet access (146,3 lei in II quarter).

The level of this indicator at the fixed telephony market made 88,2 lei (84.8 lei in II quarter), mobile Internet - 86,9 lei (107 lei), mobile telephony - 74,4 lei (69,8 lei), at the market of pay-TV services (services provided via cable networks, IPTV, satellite and MMDS networks)- 50,1 lei (50 lei).