OREANDA-NEWS. According to issuance documents, the retirement of documentary interest-bearing inconvertible bonds to bearers of Vneshprombank Ltd. series 02 bonds, state registration number 40203261B of November 21, 2012, will take place on December 20, 2013.

Series 02 bondholders should submit to Vneshprombank Ltd. written notice of intent to sell a certain number of series 02 bonds (hereinafter the Notice). The Notice should be signed by an authorized person of the series 02 bondholder (in case the Notice is signed by power of attorney, it should contain the corresponding letter of attorney).

The Notice should be sent by registered mail, express courier service, or delivered by hand to Vneshprombank Ltd.

The Notices can be presented from December 12 until December 18, 2013 to the following address: Financial Market Operations Department, Komsomolsky prospect, 42-1, Moscow, Russian Federation, 119991. Telephone: (495) 645-36-51, extension 1227.