OREANDA-NEWS. New fees of the equity market will come into effect on 16 December.

The new prices will offer special discounts for professional participants of the market to rollover client positions. The discounts will be applied to orders entered from 9:30 am - 10:00 am MSK (for rolling over client obligations to be fulfilled today) and from 6:45 pm - 7:00 pm MSK (for rolling over client obligations to be fulfilled on next trading days).

Fixed discounts will be applied only to inter-broker trades in shares and DRs on shares. Trading members will be able to roll over client or their own positions on the T+2 market in the Negotiated Trades, Central Counterparty Negotiated Trades and Repo in Shares trading modes.

Fees with fixed discounts for rollover are as follows:

RUB0.35 per trade (provided that two trades are required to carry out a rollover) for negotiated trades and CCP negotiated trades;

RUB0.70 per trade (one trade is required to carry out a rollover).

For comparison: minimum fee for an inter-dealer repo trade in shares is RUB15; one negotiated trade worth of one million rubles costs RUB100.

The fixed fees of 35 kopecks per negotiated trade and 70 kopecks per repo trade significantly reduce cost of rollovers for trading members.