OREANDA-NEWS. PR expert Vasily Brovko has been named the head of Rostecs communication services. He will be responsible for developing a unified strategy for the state corporation and its subsidiary holding companies both in Russia and abroad. Brovko was formerly the general director and co-owner of Apostol, a strategic communications center that is one of the three largest-revenue PR firms in Russia.

Rostec general director Sergei Chemezov made the decision to appoint Brovko. His tenure will begin on December 5, 2013.

According to Chemzov, the hiring decision corresponds with Rostecs strategy to enter the global market. Our team should have ambitious leaders who link their professional growth with the development of Rostec.

Vasily Brovko is one of Russias most promising Russian media managers, and he has implemented a number of successful media projects for major companies from various sectors of the economy. This corresponds to Rostecs strategy to promote its brand through the principle of information transparency, Chemzov added.

Brovko will be responsible for Rostecs external communications both in Russia and abroad. With these goals in mind, Vasily Brovko has developed a plan to advance the state corporations position while taking into account global challenges. Rostec intends to increase the status of its 13 holding companies in terms of how the world's leading brands and market leaders perceive their high-tech products.

As the general director of Apostle, Vasily Brovko already promoted the PR needs of the Rostec brand both in Russia and abroad. Under his leadership the state corporation was rebranded, with all components, including name, logo, slogan, and media visualization, being redesigned.

A new website, which can be read in seven languages, was created for Rostec, as well as YouTube and other social network and multimedia accounts. The new Rostec brand was rolled out to the media in record time, with brand representation and recognition increasing significantly.