OREANDA-NEWS. Moscow – Tele2 Russia, an alternative mobile operator, has issued its first report on corporate social responsibility. The document contains information on the company’s operations in CSR over 2011-2012. Over this time Tele2 has implemented and took part in over 400 social projects.
This is the first report in Tele2 Russia history. Thus, the company has put into order and regulated its social policy by having accorded it a status of strategically important operations.
Tele2 Russia is implementing a low prices policy and thus solves an important social task – to make mobile services affordable to as many Russians as possible and provide high-quality services. According to ComNews Research agency, Tele2 Russia has offered the most cost-efficient tariffs in Russia in 2012 and 2013.
Thanks to development of mobile network in rural and remote areas, Tele2 Russia contributed to overcoming digital divide and economic growth in the regions. The company joins its efforts with executive bodies by signing regional cooperation agreements in mobile network development. In 2011-2012 such agreements have been signed with regional administrations of 24 Russian entities. In 2012, Tele2 Russia investment into construction and network infrastructure upgrade exceeded 3 bn dollars over the past ten years.
In all penetrated regions Tele2 Russia is taking part in targeted charity events. The company is supporting orphanages, rehabilitation centers by donating money to purchase of equipment, equipping classes, holding festive events. For example, in 2011 it allocated 425 thou rubles to acquire rehabilitation equipment for the Parus Nadezhdi (Sail of Hope) rehabilitation centre in Voronezh.
Tele2 is also raising donations from subscribers. The SMS fundraising allows attracting as many participants as possible. Tele2 clients may send a message with a word “good” to a short number 410 and thereby donate funds to charity organizations. In 2012, money raised that way were used to set up children’s summer camp in Murmansk Region.
Over two years Tele2 Russia has initiated many programs and events to support young entrepreneurs in the region. Talented businessmen whose activity is connected with the development of society and social responsibility have not just received grants to implement their projects. Tele2 employees – lawyers, accountants, marketing managers, business trainers and top managers − shared their experience, provided expertise and taught all details of how business works.
For example, in 2011 the company’s employees provided their expertise to support inventive businessmen as a part of the Business Youth project in Kaliningrad – from creative idea to its successful startup. Since its launch around 75 people took part in the project, their average age totaled 22 years. Over four months participants launched over ten startups in the region.
Aleksandr Provotorov, President and Tele2 Russia CEO:
“Tele2 Russia social report is not simply a statement of its achievements but also “a road map” to compare our future plans with. The corporate social responsibility has always been integrated into our business. It is not only a part of our corporate culture but also a life stance of Tele2 Russia employees.”