OREANDA-NEWS. December 12, 2013. Qatar Petroleum, in coordination with Honeywell Technology Solutions, organized an “Operational Excellence Workshopat the InterContinental Doha.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Ahmad Saif Al-Sulaiti, Operations Manager-Dukhan Fields, welcomed all the attendees consisting of the senior management from QP’s Dukhan Operations and he then gave a brief description on the implementation of operational excellence principles in Dukhan. He pointed out that Dukhan Operations is currently in the process of establishing a composite and holistic approach to operational excellence, so that it would cover all aspects of operations and take into account all stakeholders in Dukhan.

Mr. Al-Sulaiti stressed that the journey towards achieving operational excellence is a continuous process and that it could only be realized by focusing rigorously, gradually and continuously for improvements in people, process and technology.

He also informed the participants that it will be a big challenge to harmonize all the requirements of the different departments in their common objective to achieve operational excellence. However, he also expressed confidence that the challenges they are facing would create opportunities for further improvements.

At the conclusion of the workshop, Mr. Soud Al-Ruwaili, Chairman of the Best Practice Technical Committee (BPTC) and Assistant Manager for Production Operations (Gas Recycling) at QP, delivered his closing remarks and thanked all the participants for their interest and involvement during the sessions. He said that a lot of work will need to be done in the coming months for the implementation of operational excellence based on the customized requirements of Dukhan Operations.

Furthermore, Mr. Al-Ruwaili shed light on Dukhan Operations’ “Equilibrium Paradigm,” which integrates the different layers of production operations, maintenance and management in an effective and cohesive manner to achieve operational excellence.  He emphasized that they will have to visit and revisit all departments within Dukhan Operations in order to understand the criticalities on need analysis basis to produce a high-quality framework of operational excellence to make this project a great success within QP.