OREANDA-NEWS. December 13, 2013. The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS Russia) imposed fined over 2billion Rubles fines upon 11 rolling stock operators for concluding an anticompetitive agreement that restricted entry to and divided the market of services for providing open cars for transporting coal from the Kemerovo region.

On 5th September 2013, FAS found that Kemerovo Regional Authority, Russian Railways OJSC and 16 rolling stock operators violated the Law On Protection of Competition in the part of concluding an anticompetitive agreement between the authorities and economic entities.

The FAS Commission established that in October 2011 Kemerovo Regional Authority, Russian Railways OJSC and some rolling stock operators organized meeting under an excuse of combating bottlenecks on railway tracks. At the meeting they decided to apply administrative methods to reduce the number of companies providing cars for transporting coal from railway stations in Kuzbass. As a result of the agreement, the number of participants of the market of operating services in the Kemerovo region was supposed to go down from 230 to 16.

All companies that participated in the cartel and their executives as well as the top officers of Kemerovo Regional Authority will be held liable. The remaining administrative cases are being initiated and investigated and will be considered in the near future, pointed out Deputy Head of FAS Alexander Kinev.


FAS fined the following rolling stock operators: Federal Freight Company OJSC, Independent Transport Company Ltd. First Freight Company OJSC, New Transportation Company OJSC, NefteTransService CJSC, Novotrans Transport Company Ltd., SibUgleMetTrans Ltd., RG-Trans Ltd., ZapSibTransService Ltd., SUEK OJSC and Mechel-Trans Ltd.