OREANDA-NEWS.  According to the Management Committee of Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing Municipal Government officially delegated 283 items of city-level management issues like administrative examination and approval and authority to Liangjiang New Area recently. So, Liangjiang New Area has relative integrated authority of provincial government economic examination and approval. The efficiency of administrative approval and service market entities will further increase.

It is introduced that in the city-level management issues delegated to Liangjiang New Area by Chongqing Municipal Government, there are 134 issues related to enterprise production and operation, 84 related to enterprise investment, 26 related to social management, 22 related to qualification recognition, 11 related to enterprise registration, and 6 related to personnel management and other issues, covering nearly all the important approval field related to the development and opening up of Liangjiang New Area. It realizes full authorization and delegation whenever necessary for Liangjiang New Area.

Since the establishment of Liangjiang New Area, it has become the Test Field and Pacesetter for the system reform in Chongqing. It has not only received and made good use of intensive delegation from government, but also continued to increase the efficiency of administrative approval service through functional integration and process reengineering. It has promoted super-ministry system to maximize the integration of relevant departments functions, handled similar and crossed issues; innovated one table system for enterprise registration, system for acceptance without all conditions satisfied and joint examination and approval of construction projects, shortened registration time to 2 working days, which makes the settlement rate of cases up to 100%, and the approval rate of construction projects has increased by more than two thirds the legal limit of time.

Tang Zongwei, Executive Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Liangjiang New Area, said that in the next step, Liangjiang New Area will boldly go ahead and try first, do well in pilot reform of commercial registration system, fully implement centralized approval, try online approval, so as to further improve work efficiency and service level, and create a good government environment that is compatible with national-level development and opening-up new area.