OREANDA-NEWS. December 10–11 the Brunswick Rail delegation visited the 11th international Transport Services Market: Cooperation and Partnership conference (Moscow, President Hotel). Among the participants were leaders of the largest freight and leasing companies and experts of the railway sector market.

Vladimir Khoroshilov, Deputy General Director for Business Development at Brunswick Rail, claimed: “The event is a traditional meeting point for all freight market participants, where the problems that really concern most of us can be discussed.”

The conference covered a number of urgent topics discussed within the railway sector. In particular, the business program included the following issues:

Transportation business and state of the market.
Does the market need a disposal fee?
Railway infrastructure: investment model variability.
Within the scope of the event, several theme sessions on the following topics took place: the current railway market condition, fares, the car repair market, and the position of operators on the freight railway transportation market.