OREANDA-NEWS. December 17, 2013. Incheon International Airport Corporation and Incheon Metropolitan city have signed the MOU agreement for coexistence and development aimed to strengthen mutual communication and cooperation.

Also to forward the continuity of this agreement in the future, the ‘Incheon city-Incheon International Airport Co-existent Cooperation Council’ was launched with the participation of the related heads of departments in both institutions as members of this committee.

The launching of the MOU agreement for Coexistence and Development and the Coexistent Cooperation Council was provided for the mutual increase of cooperation between Incheon city and Incheon International Airport. Incheon city supports the strength of Incheon International Airport’s competitiveness and Incheon International Airport enlarges the contribution to the local society by providing Incheon local community with development sources.

For this matter Incheon city has decided to firstly support the plan for the vitalization of Incheon Airport Free Trade Zone which is necessary to increase the amount of cargo in Incheon International Airport and to fund the renovation of education conditions in Incheon Hanul High School.

Also, in the future, Incheon city agreed to continuously cooperate in regards to governmental policies, such as the plan for investment in kind to enlargement of the premises of Incheon International Airport, the popularization aimed to cheapen and ease the access and use of air traffic of Incheon International Airport by citizens, diversifying the air traffic by supporting the construction of businessspecializing facilities, the plan to strengthen the Incheon area industrial foundation through the promotion of aviation industry and etc.

It also agreed upon the plan to promote the Incheon city’s brand by strengthening the cojoint efforts to develop the culture industry of Incheon and MICE industry.

Meanwhile Incheon International Airport Corporation introduced the system which goes beyond the Yeongjong island area-centered social contribution and enlarges the participation of local enterprise in 3rd phase construction. And, it also agrees to support the funding of Incheon United FC, the Incheon citizens’ soccer team, and at the same time to build the additional facilities for the Yeongjong island area fire station.

By doing so, it is expected that Incheon city will become the solid base beneath the Incheon International Airport and Incheon International Airport Corporation will enlarge its role as the leading public enterprise which stands in the front row of Incheon city area’s development.

Finally, it is expected that through the coexistence and cooperation between the local government and public enterprise the area will be more developed, the citizens’ life quality will be increased and this outstanding role-model of communication and cooperation will even contribute to the creation of new working places.