OREANDA-NEWS. December 17, 2013. Incheon International Airport Corporation had an honor of being named as the top enterprise in public sector for the third consecutive year at the ‘100 Best Companies to Work for, Korea-2013’ award ceremony supervised by GWP Korea which was held at 63 Convention Center, Seoul.

The ‘100 Best Companies to Work for, Korea-2013’ list is an industry benchmark, which selects an enterprise or an institution with the greatness for work company culture, applying the same criteria and evaluation procedure in the 46 countries all over the world. Started since 1998 by American ‘Fortune’ magazine, the choice and award of domestic enterprise is supervised by GWP Korea since 2002.

Incheon Airport Corporation runs various systems and programs to create work and life balanced working environment, to form a working place where employees can express creativity through the engagement in their work and to materialize cooperative work based on value creation-oriented organization.

The examples of such programs and systems are ‘Thank you Card Campaign’ run to express the gratitude and regards among the employees, the conversation forum between the administration and workers, the communication channel among workers, etc. All of these various communication programs are the secret key of Incheon Airport Corporation to gain and maintain the mutual respect and trust and collaborative culture. It also puts tremendous efforts to make a happy workplace for its employees by applying ‘smart work’ system-flexible in time and space working schedule, health care program and professional consulting, holding various events for family members.

In addition to this, as a public enterprise, Incheon Airport Corporation plays a leading role in taking social responsibilities by practicing an active donation culture, building Hanul Culture Center for local citizens, providing ‘Runway Teacher’ volunteer program for local youth centers, etc.