OREANDA-NEWS. December 17, 2013. The carrier rocket inscribed China Exploring Moon and carried Chang-e 3 lunar probe in the midst of tense atmosphere was successfully launched into the preset orbit. In this huge engineering of exploring the moon by the public attention, TISCO products were successfully applied into multiple key locations and once again boostedChang-elunar probe onto the Moon.
TISCOs two classes and three kinds of products were used into Chang-e 3 Lunar Probe and carrier rocket and soared in the space. It is said that TISCOs many kinds of crux products and material were used into the previous launched Chang-e 1 and Chang-e 2 probes, and TISCO products embodied with our wisdom and blood were also used into Chang-e Series and Shenzhou Series probes.
Aerospace products have a little batch, including many specifications and longer period of production, and the strict production process and technology is required. In order to meet the requirements of national aerospace industry development and furnish the high-end product and quality service, TISCO started to organize the elite force from manufacturing, quality, technology and sales departments in 2011 and research and development team of military and nuclear products was established, offering the entire process service from ordering, production planning and technique support. Owing to paramount role of aerospace product, TISCO highly attached importance to each order and the preponderance of whole process service was elaborated in a bit to ensure the quality and delivery schedule of aerospace material and products.
Dream flying into the space carries TISCOs dream. With the greater stride forward of national aerospace cause, TISCO aims at the development direction of high, accurate and topproducts, the superiority of science and research innovation is fully brought into play, strengthening the cooperation between research institute, university and aerospace enterprise, and developing diversified and high-end aerospace products,  making greater contributions to the rapid development of national aerospace cause,and TISCO has been many times cited by aerospace department and State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry.