OREANDA-NEWS. Belarus' OAO Mozyrsol (Gomel Region) has earned a net profit of Br50.358 billion (USD 5.279 million) in January-September 2013, up 3.3% on the year, according to the report released by the Finance Ministry's Securities Department.

Mozyrsol revenues reached 378.394 billion rubles in Jan-Sep 2013 (USD 39.664 million), up 17.4% on the year.

The company's statutory capital (898,772 shares, face value Br117,000 (USD 12.3)) is owned by 934 shareholders.

Established in 1982, OAO Mozyrsol is a major producer of salt in Belarus.

The average personnel number at OAO Mozyrsol totalled 1,106 in 2013.