OREANDA-NEWS. Kaspersky Lab North America today announced that it was recognized as a Certified Support Staff Excellence Center at the Technology Services World (TSW) Service Transformations conference in Las Vegas.

The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) and MHI Global have collaborated to offer this formal recognition for companies that achieve certification in the Support Staff Excellence (SSE) program. Support Staff Excellence, offered by TSIA and delivered by MHI Global, is a powerful staff development program that enables the delivery of a superior customer service experience through the development of the most critical service delivery resource a company has: its people. As a result of their achievements through the SSE program, Kaspersky Lab achieved the “Certified Support Staff Excellence Center” designation.

“Our team is so committed to taking customer service to the next level that we not only aim to improve the overall quality of support we provide, but we also strive to improve employee morale and reduce the attrition rate,” said Dave Mello, Senior Vice President, Support and Services, Kaspersky Lab North America. “These are two key factors that positively impact the customer experience. In order to meet the unique needs of all our customers, we continue to evolve our support programs and strategies to provide the upmost value. This award is a true testament to our dedication to delivering a truly exceptional customer experience.”

In order to be eligible for the TSIA Support and Services Excellence Award, the Kaspersky Lab North America Business Products Support Team participated in a training and certification program that included weekly educational sessions, as well as testing and reinforcement exercises that were conducted both individually and as a team. Goals of the program included improving agent performance, boosting quality scores, improving time to resolution, increasing customer satisfaction scores and reducing call time. The team went above and beyond the requirements and as a result of the program, they obtained the following key metrics:

  • Customer satisfaction improved from 81 percent to 87 percent, an increase of 6 percent
  • Employee attrition rate has improved from 12 percent (the average over the last seven quarters) to 0 percent for the third quarter of 2015

“We are glad to honor Kaspersky Lab for achieving this high industry standard,” said Andrew Cromey, Vice President, Member Success for TSIA. “TSIA’s Support Staff Excellence program focuses on the key drivers in attaining, motivating, and maintaining first-rate talent. Having earned the Certified Support Staff Excellence Center designation, Kaspersky Lab has demonstrated a commitment to service excellence, with highly connected and engaged employees driving a positive customer experience.”