OREANDA-NEWS. The following Transaero flights on 25 October 2015 have been cancelled: 

UN35 St. Petersburg - Domodedovo

UN36 Domodedovo – St. Petersburg

UN37 St. Petersburg - Domodedovo

UN38 Domodedovo – St. Petersburg

UN45 St. Petersburg - Vnukovo

UN46 Vnukovo - St. Petersburg

UN107 Vnukovo – Novosibirsk

UN108 Novosibirsk – Vnukovo

UN109 Vnukovo – Yekaterinburg

UN110 Yekaterinburg – Vnukovo

UN 111 Vnukovo – Anadyr

UN 112 Anadyr – Vnukovo

UN115 Vnukovo – Irkutsk

UN116 Irkutsk – Vnukovo

UN121 Vnukovo – Sochi

UN122 Sochi – Vnukovo

UN123 Vnukovo – Vladivostok

UN124 Vladivostok - Vnukovo

UN127 Domodedovo – Novosibirsk

UN128 Novosibirsk – Domodedovo

UN131 Vnukovo – Sochi

UN132 Sochi – Vnukovo

UN135 Vnukovo - Khabarovsk

UN136 Khabarovsk - Vnukovo

UN141 Vnukovo – Sochi

UN142 Sochi – Vnukovo

UN149 Vnukovo – Kazan

UN150 Kazan – Vnukovo

UN157 Vnukovo - Krasnoyarsk

UN165 Vnukovo - Krasnodar

UN175 Domodedovo - Murmansk

UN191 Vnukovo – Rostov-on-Don

UN192 Rostov-on-Don - Vnukovo

UN195 Vnukovo - Blagoveshchensk

UN201 Vnukovo - Kiev

UN202 Kiev - Vnukovo

UN203 Vnukovo - Astana

UN204 Astana – Vnukovo

UN205 Vnukovo - Almaty

UN207 Vnukovo – Odessa

UN208 Odessa – Vnukovo

UN211 Vnukovo - Kiev

UN212 Kiev - Vnukovo

UN225 Vnukovo – Bukhara

UN230 Karaganda - Vnukovo

UN235 Vnukovo - Kostanai

UN236 Kostanai - Vnukovo

UN251 Vnukovo - Riga

UN252 Riga - Vnukovo

UN261 Vnukovo - Yerevan

UN262 Yerevan - Vnukovo

UN265 Vnukovo - Yerevan

UN266 Yerevan - Vnukovo

UN277 Vnukovo -  Aktobe

UN278  Aktobe - Vnukovo

UN301 Vnukovo – Tel Aviv

UN302 Tel Aviv – Vnukovo

UN303 Vnukovo – Paphos

UN304 Paphos – Vnukovo

UN305 Domodedovo – Tel Aviv

UN306 Tel Aviv – Domodedovo

UN307 Vnukovo - Frankfurt am Main

UN308 Frankfurt am Main – Vnukovo

UN309 Vnukovo - Berlin

UN310 Berlin – Vnukovo

UN311 Vnukovo – Tel Aviv

UN312 Tel Aviv - Vnukovo

UN323 Vnukovo - Vienna

UN324 Vienna – Vnukovo

UN331 Vnukovo – Barcelona

UN332 Barcelona – Vnukovo

UN333 Vnukovo – London

UN359 Vnukovo – Prague

UN360 Prague - Vnukovo

UN383 Vnukovo - Vienna

UN384 Vienna - Vnukovo

UN397 Vnukovo – Milan

UN398 Milan - Vnukovo

UN399 Vnukovo – Rome

UN400 Rome – Vnukovo

UN444 London - Vnukovo

UN555 Vnukovo - Paris

UN556 Paris - Vnukovo

UN571 Vnukovo – Phuket

UN679 Vnukovo – Hurghada

UN680 Hurghada – Vnukovo

UN802 Istanbul – Vnukovo

UN809 Domodedovo – Antalya

UN810 Antalya – Domodedovo

UN1111 Vnukovo – New York

UN2017 Vnukovo – Simferopol

UN2018 Simferopol – Vnukovo

UN2163 Domodedovo – Krasnodar

UN2164 Krasnodar - Domodedovo

UN2167 Domodedovo – Krasnodar

UN2168 Krasnodar - Domodedovo

UN2181 Vnukovo – Rostov-on-Don

UN2217 Vnukovo - Simferopol

UN2218 Simferopol – Vnukovo

UN2222 New York – Vnukovo

UN3301 Vnukovo – Eilat

UN3302 Eilat – Vnukovo

UN9999 Vnukovo - Beijing

All other Transaero flights on 25 October are provisionally scheduled to fly as per timetable.  If additional flights are cancelled, notification will be provided by the Transaero call centre.

For passengers’ convenience, the Transaero website now has a page with information about the status of flights scheduled for the next two days: http://infor-services.transaero.ru/status.  Flight numbers should be entered without the prefix “UN”.

Passengers on cancelled flights will be reassigned to flights operated by Aeroflot Group airlines under the SU code (except for code-sharing flights in the range 3000-4999 , which are operated by partner airlines and flights UN111/112 which will be operated by Utair airline

Transit passengers with tickets for the cancelled flights will be guaranteed flights to their end destination via either St Petersburg Pulkovo or Moscow Sheremetyevo.

Passengers on direct flights to and from Moscow will be provided with flights to their original choice of airport wherever possible. In the event that no Aeroflot flights to the respective airport under the SU code, or if no seats are available, passengers will be allocated tickets on flights to Moscow Sheremetyevo.

To ensure uninterrupted transportation for passengers of Transaero, Aeroflot has established a flight coordination centre to oversee Transaero operations.