OREANDA-NEWS. American tuning studio Devolro, which planned to begin the completion of SUVs UAZ, shared some details about the program modifications Patriot. Improvements, including the installation of a powerful petrol engine, promise to be global.

As the head of the studio Eduard Orlov, said, Masters of Devolro concluded that the tuning or even the replacement of units does not improve fundamentally the car and it was decided to rework completely the design of domestic SUVs. Patriot, as well as Hunter, will get new axles, all-wheel drive, electric equipment, maybe even frame. As a supplier of engines (it is planned 3.0-liter turbo diesel and petrol engine volume of 3.5-4.0 L) it is considered a number of brands, among which BMW, Toyota and Cummins. The interior changed completely – it was appeared climate control, as well as improved noise and vibration isolation and airbags.

In the future, Devolro will introduce a redesigned UAZ Pickup, and the fire truck, ambulance and a car for the Ministry of Emergency Situations on the basis of "Cargo". The interest to this technology from the various national agencies already exists. The vehicles are to be designed over the ocean, but the assembly will be established in Russia. The most likely assembly site is Ulyanovsk plant where there is a blank area. Workshop equipment will be engaged at the end of the next year, the assembly of special modifications will begin in 2017.