OREANDA-NEWS. November 10, 2015. SentryBay announced today the launch of Armored Client for Citrix which securely "wraps" the Citrix receiver -- providing key endpoint and browser security for connections to XenDesktop and XenApp installations. The solution overcomes existing security threats such as keylogging, browser vulnerabilities, DNS poisoning and session hijacking.

The endpoint software, which can be deployed alongside or post Citrix installation, ensures the security integrity of the endpoint -- helping overcome key security and compliance issues.

The Armored Client launches a separate secure desktop using a one-time random user and a locked-down "armored" web client -- within which the Citrix Receiver operates. No other software (including malware) is able to run within this browser session, and it also overcomes kernel-based malware threats.

Multi-level keylogging protection scrambles keystrokes, prevents screenshots and denies malware access, protecting the entry of login credentials into the Citrix Receiver. The protection operates throughout the Citrix session, securing data entry into all enterprise applications and web services. The dedicated session then leaves no trace when closed.

Version 1 applies to HTML5-based versions of the Windows receiver, with the Citrix ReceiverWeb application versions due out shortly. A mobile version of the solution is currently in development and will be ready to launch in 2016. This version does not require a corporate device or any MDM solution to be operating to provide the necessary endpoint and browser security.

Deployment of the Armored Client is far more economical for enterprises than issuing corporate managed devices for remote access via Citrix.

Key technology within the solution is patented to SentryBay, meaning the blend of technologies cannot be provided by other vendors.

The technology is applicable to other virtualised clients such as VMware, Microsoft including RDP, Oracle & others.

About SentryBay

SentryBay Limited (www.sentrybay.com) is a privately held firm headquartered in London with offices in the USA and Australasia and clients and partners globally. SentryBay specializes in providing real-time security technologies for PC, Mobile, Cloud and IoT devices.