OREANDA-NEWS. Züblin Immobilien Holding AG: Ordinary capital increase with pre-emptive rights for existing shareholders following reduction of nominal value of shares.

As resolved by the extraordinary shareholders‘ meeting on 29 October 2015, Z?blin Immobilien Holding AG reduces the share capital by reducing the nominal value of the existing registered shares from CHF 1.00 to CHF 0.05 and simultaneously executes an ordinary capital increase in which pre-emptive rights to existing shareholders are granted by issuing 1’433’387’664 new registered shares. The capital increase is fully underwritten by Lamesa Holding S.A. The expected net proceeds from the offering of CHF 70.0 million will be used to repay the outstanding shareholder loan granted by Lamesa Holding S.A., to finance potential acquisitions of investment properties and for other corporate purposes.

Existing shareholders will be allocated one pre-emptive right for each registered share held. One pre-emptive right allows for the subscription of 24 new registered shares against payment of the offer price of CHF 0.05 per offered share. Pre-emptive rights will be tradable from 13 November 2015 to 24 November 2015 on SIX Swiss Exchange. Pre-emptive rights not subscribed will expire without compensation after the end of the rights exercise period (26 November 2015, 12:00 noon (CET)). The number of pre-emptive rights exercised by shareholders and acquirers of the pre-emptive rights will be published in a press release on 27 November 2015 prior to 07:30 a.m. (CET).

New registered shares not subscribed during the rights exercise period are expected to be offered by way of a public offering in Switzerland and private placements to investors outside Switzerland and outside the United States on 27 November 2015. New shares which will not have been sold during the share offering will be purchased by Lamesa Holding S.A. at the offer price of CHF 0.05 per offered share.

Neue Helvetische Bank AG is acting as Lead Manager and Bookrunner for the capital increase.

Expected timetable for the capital increase

12 November 2015

Last trading day of existing shares with pre-emptive rights attached

Record date for entitlement of pre-emptive rights (after close of trading)

13 November 2015

First trading day of existing shares ex pre-emptive rights

Commencement of pre-emptive rights trading period

Commencement of pre-emptive rights exercise period

24 November 2015

Last day of pre-emptive rights trading period

26 November 2015, 12:00 noon (CET)

End of pre-emptive rights exercise period

27 November 2015

Offering of the shares not subscribed until 26 November 2015 based on the pre-emptive rights

2 December 2015

Listing and first day of trading on SIX Swiss Exchange of offered shares

3 December 2015

Delivery of offered shares against payment of offer price