OREANDA-NEWS. The workshop is aimed at working with the UK insurance industry towards adherence with the Illegal Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing regulations.

Under IUU regulations it is an offence to conduct business directly with any IUU vessel; this includes providing insurance to such vessels. As part of the MMO’s approach to proportional risk-based enforcement, the workshop is an opportunity to educate and inform the insurance industry in respect of the IUU regulations.

Rachel Mason, MMO Senior Marine Enforcement Officer said: “We have been investigating suspected breaches of IUU regulations on an international scale for some time now, working with other regulatory bodies around the world including Interpol and of course the FCO. When illegal activity is identified our aim is to stop it and prevent it reoccurring. This can be via prosecution or formal sanctions, but it can also be via a workshop such as this one where we speak to an industry that is very keen to work with us to ensure adherence to IUU regulations”.