OREANDA-NEWS. Domestic LADA Vesta, sales of which will start on November 24th, might be better than the most in its class by adaptation to Russian conditions and the main thing - to use in the winter, which is extreme period for any car.

Bodywork of "Vesta" is designed so that when you open the door the snow does not fall into the cabin. The design of the door locks, according to the manufacturer, eliminates freezing. Ergonomics of spacious cabin allows comfortable stay in winter clothes and enjoy all the switches (big enough) with the gloves. The car has a powerful heating system, radiator cap, self-starting of the engine at low temperatures down to minus 30 degrees. Automatic climate control with the function of maintaining of the desired temperature has the mode "Quick heating of the windshield."

It all works to adapt LADA Vesta to Russian conditions: clearance, capacity, climate control, cold start, lamp life, battery, generator, capacity washer of fluid reservoir and the fuel tank, electro - heating mirrors, windows: front and rear. 

Strong suspension, short overhangs and a high ground clearance, according to the developers, ensures the car with a good cross. The bottom of the car body is treated with anticorrosive high barrier properties, which is forming a film resistant to moisture and temperature characteristic of the climatic zones of the Russian Federation.

The car has Stability System (ESC) with Traction Control function. The system is struggling with the car slides out of control, by helping to maintain a neutral handling, reduce the risk of dangerous situations, to prevent the development of critical angles of drift.

The developers of the car also told that the sensor detects the start of a slip of the drive wheels and it sends commands to the braking system for braking of free moving wheel that mimics the differential lock and it makes the differential to "throw" the torque to the stationary wheel. It allows you not only to get under way in the non-uniform coating, but also to rescue the stuck vehicle on your own.