OREANDA-NEWS. November 26, 2015. http://www.kmu.gov.ua/img/1x1.gif"I hope that tomorrow the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will return to voting on the laws on privatization and allow the Government to embark on fair and transparent privatization, to remove any political influence on the state-owned companies, thus providing an opportunity to create jobs and to attract foreign investors", said Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk at a Government meeting on Wednesday, November 25.

The Prime Minister reminded that the day before the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine had failed once again to adopt a package of laws on fair, transparent and competitive privatization.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk appealed to the MPs: "The state-owned companies should stop being a sinecure for the political forces. And the only correct way to manage such companies is privatization on transparent and competitive terms with participation of foreign investors in the first place".

He stressed that over the past 20 months the Government had managed to prevent any shadow privatization scheme: "But the Government appeals to the Parliament to facilitate the transparent and competitive privatization process. And for this purpose it is necessary to enact laws that have failed to be voted for by the Ukrainian Parliament".

The aforesaid laws, the Head of the Government explains, will allow to find objective and economically reasonable grounds to assess the value of objects for privatization, to engage foreign advisers into the process, "to remove any political influence on privatization processes in Ukraine": "These laws have the same objectives in the privatization process: the one who gives more money, has a real opportunity to manage public companies, those subject for privatization, and wants to increase jobs and support the Ukrainian economy will become a winner of the tender for the purchase of the object. But not the one who has a larger or smaller faction or the number of MPs in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine".