OREANDA-NEWS. Alps Electric Co., Ltd., decided to invest in the Tohoku Magnet Institute, a new company that aims to commercialize the innovative soft magnetic alloy developed by Professor Akihiro Makino of Tohoku University, together with Tohoku University Venture Partners and other four private companies to support commercialization and industrialization of the material and expand our environment-and energy-related business.

Alps Electric promotes the development of technologies and products that contribute to the improvement of efficiency in energy consumption and succeeded in developing a variety of devices and module products, including a current sensor using our original sensing method, as well as the Liqualloy(tm) power inductor, which is compact and low loss. We have also conducted industry-academia collaboration typically with Tohoku University and actively participated in government and private sector innovation programs, where we propose solutions to the players in an energy-saving market by applying our know-how and technologies and developing new technologies.

This innovative soft magnetic alloy developed by Tohoku University is a new material that can replace an electromagnetic steel sheet (silicon steel sheet) that has been used for the conversion of electricity and magnetism in electric products for both household and industry use and a revolutionary metal material that can reduce energy loss during the conversion process to 25 to 50 percent of the electromagnetic steel sheet. This is expected to be used in such products as transformers or motors and to contribute to a significant reduction in energy consumption.

To commercialize this soft magnetic alloy, Tohoku Magnet Institute Co., Ltd., was established on November 5, 2015. Alps Electric made an investment in this company together with Tohoku University Venture Partners and four other companies in the private sector. We are committed to supporting the creation, accumulation, and industrialization of the ultralow-loss magnetic core material as the de facto standard for the industry and developing products where the material is applied.

Munemitsu Abe was assigned as the president of Tohoku Magnet Institute Co., Ltd., from the Engineering Headquarters of Alps Electric.